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For the Ayn Rand crowd, I still haven't snagged a copy of The Fountainhead yet, and am wary of going out on a limb without having read it. I did, however, have fun with the quote provided by reddragonqueen:

, , .

I apologise that they look nasty next to one another. One stays white for a half second, then flicks black; the other is the inverse; the original stays solid.

chaos_lynn gets pascal, with my apologies for its resemblence to a cheesy hallmark card; I was trying to be very graphic, and I'm not particularly proud of the result. It's the font; it's wrong. I can always try again:

maxim_lebedev chose Bertrand Russell, a particularly challenging quote to interpret, but I tried:

Here's pair of (what I hope are what wildcat_eman had in mind when referencing) "renaissance men":


I haven't forgotten about nightspore's Wittgenstein, in two variations:


The bewitchment of intelligence both intrieged and stumped me.

As for Plato and Marx, they've both said so many fabulous things that I might throw up a poll, because I honestly can't narrow down the selections I've already narrowed down! This has been fun, and good inspiration, and I may dig back into the original request pile from time to time....
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On February 7th, 2006 03:35 am (UTC), laboli commented:
I love what you have created. I will of course credit. YAY!!
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