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Anyone willing to take up a request for Wittgenstein? Something from his earlier days would be nice, like the quotes "Is a riddle solved by the fact that I survive forever? Is eternal life not as enigmatic as our present one?" or, better yet, "Of what we cannot speak we must be silent," from the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus might be nice. The latter quote, paired with line one of the Dao de Jing ("The Dao that can be named is not the Eternal Dao," or "Those who know, cannot say; those who say, cannot know") would certainly be interesting. But the Daoist quote is unnecessary. Use your discretion.

Plato icon


As beyond_pale correctly said, there is *so much* in Plato... but I thought I'd give it a try:

One of my favorite lines from the beginning of the story of the Cave, and the Cave is one of my favorite ways to help students interpret the Matrix (there are some places where it works better than the Evil Genius argument), though by no means the only possible way.

Feel free to take - credit & comment very welcome!

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Hi, my names Hannah. I'm pimpin an icon community, icondictator. It's an icontest community, where I pick the topic every week, then I pick the winners. I'm posting here because I love philosophy (my favorite being Descartes, if you must know. I have kind of diverse tastes though, in that I'm also intrigued by the existentialists, and even a few nihilists.) I'd love to have philosophical icons, and in my community I'll definitely include topics based in philosophy. So, if you're interested, join!
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First of all, great community!

As you can see from my icon, I enjoy the things you have posted here.

I missed the last request post, so I hope that someone can help me out as I am incompetent with making pretty things for my LJ.

I'm studying mathematical logic and would like an icon with "Numbers corrupt mathematics" on it. It might be cool to put it next to a derivation of some sort, but I suppose I can't be picky!

Thank you so much!
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