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Philosophic Icons

icons for thinking
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...is the only icon community of its kind on lj.

...will attempt to assemble in one place lj icons representing philosophers, their ideas, philosophic quotes, and general snarkiness.

...is actively soliciting members and contributions.

...currently reflects the opinions, biases, favorites, and sense of humour of its moderator, beyond_pale. Hopefully, more voices will express themselves in this community as it expands.
absolutism, adorno, aesthetics, agnosticism, alexandrian school, analytic philosophy, anarchism, arendt, aristotle, arthur schopenhauer, atheism, berkeley, bertrand russell, cambridge platonists, camus, coherentism, communism, contextualism, continental philosophy, critical theory, cynics, david hume, de beauvoir, debating, deconstructionism, deism, deontology, derrida, descartes, determinism, dialectic, empiricism, enlightenment, epicurus, epistemology, ethics, existence, existentialism, extropianism, feminism, foucault, frankfurt school, free will, friedrich nietzsche, habermas, hannah arendt, hegel, heidegger, heraclitus, hermeneutics, hobbes, horkheimer, humanism, hume, husserl, icons, idealism, immanuel kant, jacques derrida, jean-jacques rousseau, john locke, john stuart mill, judith butler, kant, karl marx, kierkegaard, la mettrie, lacan, leibnitz, liebniz, locke, logic, logical positivism, lyotard, martin heidegger, marx, marxist philosophy, materialism, matter, max stirner, meaning, metaphysics, michel foucault, mill, mind, modernism, morality, morals, musings, necessity, negative utilitarianism, neoplatonism, nietzsche, nihilism, objectivism, objectivity, ontology, perception, phenomenology, philosophers, philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, plato, platonism, plotinus, polemics, political philosophy, political theory, politics, positivism, postmodernism, pragmatism, radical feminism, rationalism, realism, reason, relativism, religion, rene descartes, romanticism, sartre, scholasticism, schopenhauer, semantics, simone de beauvoir, skepticism, socrates, socratic dialogue, solipsism, sophism, soren kierkegaard, spinoza, stoicism, subjectivism, sublime, teleology, theodor adorno, theology, thomas aquinas, thomas hobbes, transcendentalism, transhumanism, truth, universal ethics principle, utilitarianism, utopia, vienna circle, wittgenstein